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Release Notes 1.10.119

Haivision Hub Release 1.10.119 Update – December 27th, 2020

Component Versions

  • Hub: 1.10.119.a489a4c9

  • Hub API:

  • Admin App: 1.0.2

This latest release to Haivision Hub focuses on performance.


  • Hub dashboard load time reduced significantly.

  • Routing engines performance enhanced.
  • RTP hublets upgraded to include FEC stats, RTMP server state and I/O byte counts, and RIST.

Known Limitations

  • RTP FEC-specific telemetry is not currently supported.

  • RTP status is not always updated correctly.

  • TS over UDP hublets report status "connected" irrespective of the input signal.

  • Routes in StoppingIncomplete state can only be stopped individually.

  • Instant bitrate displayed in the topology view is not accurate for internal connections.

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