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Release Notes 1.10.118

Haivision Hub Release 1.10.118 Update – December 7th, 2020

This latest release to Haivision Hub focuses on a number of initiatives relating to internal supportability and maintenance of the application. Additionally, we included a number of user-facing updates as well.


  • Improvements to the Hublet panel interfaces for SRT, RTMP, MPEG TS, and RTP Hublets to increase clarity and consistency across Hublet configuration.
  • Adjustments to the RTMP Hublet to conform URL fields to more common syntax and to make the Stream key an optional field that only displays when appropriate.

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented resolutions for a number of reported issues, notably:
    • Language selection not being enforced consistently between the route management and administration sections.
    • Inconsistencies with user authentication handling when switching between route management and administration sections of the application.
  • Provided several security enhancements in the API.
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