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Getting Started

This guide introduces and provides the steps required to install, configure, and uninstall the Haivision Helper application. It also includes details on the operational requirements and customization options to be successful in your environment.

Haivision Helper is a cross-platform (Windows and OS X) utility that allows for the launching of the appropriate version of a desktop application from your Haivision product to the user’s desktop. For example, the Helper supports Haivision Media Platform (HMP) Multicast Video Playback to the desktop/browser. The Helper may also be installed to deliver the InStream player from the Furnace IPTV system to the desktop.

Please refer to your product documentation or the end of this document for details on how that product is enhanced by the use of the Helper application. You may download the Helper application, as well as product documentation, software updates, and release notes through our Support Portal at:

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