Creating a VOD Event

Last updated on Sep 25, 2020

To create a single VOD event:

  1. Click the Schedules tab on the navigation sidebar.

  2. Click the desired schedule from those listed.

  3. Click the + Add Event button for that schedule. 

  4. At the asset selection screen, either search for or select the VOD asset you want to add to the schedule.
  5. Click the asset to open its event creation page.

  6. At the asset's event creation page, click the Single Event (One-Time) or Recurring Event radio button as appropriate.
  7. Next, indicate how you want the VOD to play. Click either Simulate asset playback as if it was live or Schedule availability
  8. Under Cloud Recording, click the Live to Simulated Live checkbox.
  9. Select the start date and start time. If nothing is selected, it will default to the current date and time of which the event creation process was started. 

  10. Click the Create New Event button. You will be redirected to the schedule page with the new event now in the schedule.