Working with the Tops Widget

Last updated on Sep 25, 2020

The Tops widget is a way of presenting data to make it easier and faster to perform root cause analysis and ensure the best functioning of your video service. For instance, use the Tops widget when a metric indicates a poor user experience to investigate if issues are driven by a particular device type or CDN.

Using the Tops Widget

To use Tops, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Widget button.

  2. Select the type of Tops widget you want to create from the ones in the Top Ranking section:

    • Top Table: The information in displayed in a table with the corresponding figures.

    • Top Bar: The information is displayed in bars with the corresponding data.

    • Top Pie: The information is displayed in a pie chart with the corresponding data.

    • Top Map: The information is displayed in a map with the corresponding data.

  3. Once you have selected the type of graph, you can start configuring your Tops widget. For example, you can view the Top 5 titles and playtime to understand your content performance and which of those titles present more errors.
    • Specify the number of entries you want the Tops widget to show.

    • Specify how you want the data to be grouped by using the Group by drop-down menu.

    • Specify how you want the data to be sorted using the Sort by drop down menu.

    • Include the metrics that you want to apply to the Tops widget.

  4. Once you are finished entering the data that you want to be displayed in the Tops widget, click Apply.


    You can also clone the widget and work on cloned copy by modifying the timespan – allowing you to see the improvement of your system’s error management.