Using Zoom

Last updated on Sep 25, 2020

The Zoom tool provides LIVE and VOD data insights in two graphs to compare data by allowing you to zoom into the time range of the different time ranges at the same time. This is a useful way to analyze specific situations for all widgets at the same time.


Use the Zoom tool to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior by comparing your Audience, Content, and Quality metrics information.


Accessing Zoom

  • To access the Zoom tool, click Zoom under the Tools section of the sidebar.

 Metric Selection: Select an audience, content or quality metric to view.  

 Sliders Lock: Allows the sliders for both graphs to move concurrently.  

 Date Range: Set the time and date range for which you wish to view data.  

 Compare Dates: Compare the selected timeframe against the previous six hours, previous day, previous week or previous four weeks.  

 Time Interval: The interval by which time increases on the graph (1 minute, 5 minutes and hours).  

 Filters: Filter data by specified dimensions or metrics.  

 VOD, LIVE, ALL: Display metrics from VOD, LIVE or all sessions.  

 Bar/Line View: View the data as a line or bar graph.  

 Full Screen: Expands view to fit entire screen.  

 Clone Widget: Copy the selected graph to a dashboard.  


Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to adjust the timeframe displayed for each graph.

Viewing Zoom Insights

To view the Zoom section: 

  1. Under the Tools section of the sidebar, click Zoom.
  2. Select the metric you want to compare.

  3. Modify the time range, granularity and type of content (LIVE, VOD or ALL)

    Once the graphs display the information you want to see, you can use your cursor to select the time range you want to zoom into.