Using Funnels

Last updated on Sep 25, 2020

Funnels allow you to track how your users navigate your platform, offering the necessary tools to understand conversion rates and platform functionality. Funnels offer a linear approach to visualizing the user experience by showing users drop-off in their navigation. This section provides a detailed instruction on how to use funnels.

To access the Funnels page, click Funnels under the Tools section of the sidebar.


Creating a Funnel

To create a funnel:

  1. From the Funnels page, click Create New Funnel in the top-right corner.
  2. Enter a name and description for the funnel and click Create. You can now begin adding events.

  3. Click the  drop-down menu next to E1 to select the first event for your funnel.
  4. Click the Add Where button to filter each event based on pre-made or custom dimensions.
  5. Click Add Event and repeat steps 3 and 4 for adding new events as desired for up to five total events.


    Note that other events can occur between each step, however, they must be performed in the order specified to complete the funnel. For example, for a funnel with three steps, between steps 1 and 2 a user may perform any unspecified action and still be considered by the funnel. Once the user performs the second action, they will move onto the next stage of the funnel.

Setting the Time Frame

In addition to setting the events the funnel will measure, you can also select the time frame in which a user must complete the events of the funnel in order to be included in the funnel analysis. If a user does not complete all events in a funnel in the allotted time, they are counted as a drop-off.


Each user can only complete a funnel once. If the same unique user ID completes the same funnel multiple times, it is only counted as one completion.

Viewing Funnels

As events are added to the funnel, you can visualize the data in the funnel (see following depiction). You can change the time frame to see your conversion rates from the past 24 hours to 90 days.

The Funnel Completion bar in the top-right displays the percentage of users that have completed the funnel after starting it.