Getting Started with Reporting

Last updated on Dec 17, 2020

To help you get up to speed with the new dashboard interface, here's a quick tour of the elements on the screen.


 Overview: Displays some default dashboards pre-populated to provide an overall overview of system performance, session activity, and errors.

 Tools: Access to the various tools available for exploring your data (Tracking, Reports, Formulas, Funnels, Zoom, and Alerts).

 My Dashboards: Your custom dashboards arranged in a set of pre-defined folders (Real Time, Devices, Content, Engagement, and CDN).

Main Pane

 Timeframe Options: Options for changing the timeframe for the data being displayed.

 Goal Settings: Opens a panel allowing you to modify your goal settings.

 Widget: Dashboards can be customized with one or more configurable widgets.

 Dashboard Options: Menu providing options for creating, modifying, or deleting your dashboards.


You can toggle the interface between light and dark by clicking your account at the bottom of the sidebar and choosing the desired theme from the popup menu.

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