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Managing System Settings

Player and playback settings can be configured from the Browser. The availability of some settings depends on the type of service selected (HMP or local lineup).

To manage player and playback settings:

  1.  From the Home screen, tap Go to the Browser.
  2. Swipe right or tap
    to reveal the Browser slide-out menu.
  3. Tap Settings.

Play Pro Settings with HMP Selected

Player Settings
Allow Background AudioIf enabled, allows audio to continue playing after switching apps or locking the device. 
Allow Picture-in-Picture(Supported on Android for all video types and on iOS for HLS video) If enabled, video continues playing in an inset window when the app is in the background.
Mirror Video Left-RightDisplays video mirrored horizontally.
Mirror Video Up-Down

Displays video mirrored vertically.

Rotate Video Up-DownDisplays video rotated vertically. 
HMP Display Settings
Display VideosEnable to display videos from the HMP library in-app.
Display SessionsEnable to display sessions from the HMP library in-app.
Display Live ChannelsEnable to display live sources from the HMP library in-app.
Preferred Playback Protocol
HLS, Multicast, SRTSets the preferred playback protocol to HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Multicast, or Secure Reliable Transport (SRT).
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