Haivision Media Platform

Last updated on Dec 04, 2017

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The Haivision Media Platform helps you organize, manage and share secure, high quality live and on-demand video to every employee, on any screen – desktops, monitors and mobile devices – anywhere.

Available documentation for Haivision Media Platform includes:

Documentation Title
Important Notice Includes default credentials and a contents list. Only available in the Haivision Support Portal.

Appliance Quick Start Guide

Summarizes the basic steps required to install and connect to the HMP physical or VMware server and get started.

User's Guide Explains how to navigate and use the Web interface to capture and share video content.
Administrator's Guide

Explains how to set up, configure, and manage HMP systems for system integrators and administrators with administrative privileges.

REST API Integrator's Reference

Technical reference for creating your own interface or integrating third party management systems with HMP.

Command Line API Integrator's Guide Technical reference for accessing HMP via command-line interface.
Release Notes Lists fixes between versions, as well as known issues. Only available in the Haivision Support Portal.


For security purposes, Haivision strongly advises you to change the default passwords during initial configuration.