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User Interface Settings

The following tables list the User Interface configuration settings. (For corresponding illustrations, see Re-Branding the User Interface.)

Display Settings

Media Date FormatHuman Friendly

Configures the display of date and time for videos and sessions in the browser and devices.

  • Human Friendly (default). For example, "21 days ago".
  • Timestamp. For example, "12/13/2019, 9:42 PM".
  • Timestamp 24hr. For example, "12/13/2019, 21:42:43".


When changing the media date format:

  • Play 1000 STBs require a reboot for the change to take effect.
  • Play 2000 and 4000 STBs require either a toggle of the STB Settings screen or a reboot for the change to take effect.


Color SchemeDark

Switch interface between dark and light color schemes.

  • Dark: black background with white text (default)
  • Light: white background with black text.
Banner ColorHaivision blue (RGB: 27-117-188)The color of the banner along the top of the page.
Banner GraphicHaivision Media Platform text logo (235x16px PNG)

The image/logo on the left side of the banner. The width of the image can be as long as needed up to a recommended maximum of 300 x 47 pixels. However, it should not run into the username (on the right side of the banner). Also, keep in mind that this is affected by factors such as window size, browser, etc.

Graphic (large)Haivision shark logo

The top image on the Sign-in page. The width and height can be any dimension up to a recommended maximum of 4000 x 4000 pixels.


You can use this setting to create a fullscreen image. However, large images can slow down or prevent page load. Also, if the screen resolution is smaller than the image, the image is cropped. The image is centered horizontally.

Sign-in Graphic (small)Haivision Media Platform text logo (235x16px PNG)The lower image on the Sign-in page. The width and height can be any dimension to fit the page. However, the image is resized to 220 pixels wide (while maintaining the aspect ratio). Also, a resized height greater than 400 pixels may require the user to scroll. The image is centered horizontally on the page.
Browser FaviconHaivision favicon

The image to display in the browser's address bar.


The width and height can be 16, 32, 48, or 64 pixels (squared), 8-bit or 24-bit.

Browser TitleHaivision Media PlatformThe text to display in a browser tab/window. Also, used as the name of this HMP system in the Haivision Play for Mobile app.

Mobile Branding


Mobile Branding settings can also be set locally from the Haivision Play for Mobile app.

System IconHaivision mobile system icon

Used to identify the HMP system by icon on a Play Mobile device.


The width and height should be a 132px square (maximum 512 px).

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