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Troubleshooting Multicast

Below is a listing of basic troubleshooting questions for setting up HMP-Media Gateway pairings.

  • Are HMP and the Gateways properly configured?
    • Is multicast agent licensed?
  • Is the source multicast enabled and provisioned?
  • Is the playback device a supported Mac or PC?
    • Is the latest Haivision Helper installed on the Mac/PC?
  • Is the playback device on a multicast enabled network/segment?
    • Is the device on WiFi?
    • Is HMP configured for unicast fallback; is that working?
  • When you join the event, do you see "Launching multicast agent"?
  • Automatic fall-back to unicast (when necessary)
    • Smartphones and tablets don't (typically) support multicast
    • Network segments that don't support multicast (WAN gaps, WiFi)
    • MAC/PC without the Helper installed (or problem with Helper)

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