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Reports and Logs

The following tables list the available reports and logs.

User Activity

Each of the available user activity reports (in CSV file format) include the following:

  • Username of the user performing the activity (for Web viewers) or the device ID (for STBs)
  • UUID of the associated item
  • Start time of the activity
  • Name or title of the item
  • The action taken (WATCH, DOWNLOAD, EDIT, SHARE, DELETE, etc.)
  • A URL link to launch it
  • stime (start time) in extended ISO format


The time span of the list matches the time limit (number of months) specified in the Keep User Activity field, or covers activity from system startup through the current time, if less than the specified limit.

Report ItemDescription

Activities sorted by video title.


The Videos report logs all recording viewing activity. It shows either the username for Web viewers or the device ID for STBs, the UUID, time, title, action, and launch URL.

SessionsActivities sorted by session title.

Activities sorted by source title.


The Sources report logs all source viewing activity. It is intended to log user activity and STB activity.

User VideosActivities sorted by user.
License Messages

A list of occurrences when licensed bandwidth has been exceeded.


After the initial occurrence, a new occurrence is reported only after the bandwidth has dropped and then when licensed bandwidth has been exceeded again.

The report includes data Type, Time, and Message, for example, “Output bandwidth limit reached (bps): total usage:8629400( babel:8629400 hls:0 ), max allowed:8000000.


The available log files are:

Log ItemDescription
All LogsAll system and application logs.
System MessagesA log of messages generated by the operating system.
Media PlatformLog data from HMP processes.
HaivisionLog data from Haivision processes.

P2P Analytics

A button appears which links you to the Haivision P2P analytics dashboard. See Configuring HMP for Haivision Peer-to-Peer Video Delivery for details on using the Haivision P2P with HMP.

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