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Removing Stream Information Under Portal Player Window

By default, when a user streams content in a session or video from the Portal view, the browser displays "Created" and "Scheduled" information below the player window like the following:

If you would like to hide this information from your users in the Portal, perform the following instructions.


This change does not affect the player when it is launched from the Library view.

  1. SSH into HMP and elevate to root access.
  2. Issue the following command:

    set_config calypso.system_settings.portalPlayerHideInfo true
  3. Reboot your HMP and clear your browser cache to see the results.

Enabling the Created/Schedule Information Under Player Window

To re-enable the content below the player window, simply set the value to false and reboot your HMP:

set_config calypso.system_settings.portalPlayerHideInfo false
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