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Managing Locations

To view and manage locations:

  1. Click the 
     icon and select Administration from the navigation drop-down menu.
  2. Click Configuration on the toolbar and then click Locations on the sidebar.
    The Locations pane opens, displaying the list of defined locations, if any.
    Locations Pane
  3. (Optional) Disable location-based filtering of content by clicking the Location-Based Filtering toggle OFF.


    • Location-based filtering restricts visibility of sources in Portal and IPTV views for all clients (browser and Haivision Play STBs) based on viewer location for all non-administrator roles. For example, if a source is sent to a Media Gateway at the Montreal location and a user is in the Austin location, the source does not appear in the Portal or IPTV section of the HMP browser. (The Library view is not affected.) If the user then travels to the Montreal location and signs in to HMP, the source appears for the user to view.
    • Location-based filtering ignores topology links and distribution policies. Only sources that have an HMG from the user's location configured as the source receiver are visible.
  4. Check the checkbox under Mgt. Server Location to identify the location of the HMP management server.

To add a site location:

  1. From the Locations pane, click the
  2. On the Add Location dialog, type the location name in the Name text field.
    Add Location Dialog
  3. Click Add Location.
  4. On the Location Information pane:
    1. Optionally, edit the location name.
    2. Optionally, set the location as default by checking the Default Location checkbox (see Location Settings).
    3. To add Media Gateways at the locations, type the first few characters of the gateway name in the Media Gateway field and select the name from the auto-complete drop-down list of available paired gateways. See Pairing Media Gateways to HMP.
    Media Gateway Drop-down list
  5. Click the Networking tab to configure network settings and multicast playback.
    • For details on each setting, see the "Networking" tab in Location Settings.
    • To specify additional IP addresses and subnet masks for the location, click
    • If licensed on your system, to specify additional multicast addresses and subnet masks for the location, click
      Multicast Range

    Location Networking Fields

  6. Click the Save button.


Clicking the Edit Links button navigates to the Location Topology pane with the location selected.

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