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Managing Exports

From the Export screen, you can view and manage video export jobs. Videos are selected and queued for export from the Library's Videos list. See Exporting Videos for details.

To manage exports:

  1. Click the
    Options Menu
     icon, and click Import/Export.
  2. Select Export from the navigation bar. The Export screen opens, showing the list of exported videos. For example:

    Export Screen

    The Export list displays the title, creation date and time, destination, file type, and status for each video to be exported. The status can be either Queued, In Progress, Done, Cancelled, Failed, or Skipped (i.e., already exported).


    Hovering over the 
     icon displays information about error conditions, including skipped, canceled, or failed export jobs.
  3. To perform any actions on one or more videos in the Videos list, check the checkbox next to the videos (or check All). 
    • To cancel export jobs (i.e., remove from the queue), select Cancel from the Actions drop-down menu and click Confirm.
    • To remove jobs from the Export list, select Clear from the Actions drop-down menu.
    • To re-export Cancelled or Failed jobs, select Re-Export from the Actions dropdown menu.


  • To successfully re-export skipped export jobs (for example, if the exported file was deleted from the FTP server), clear the successful export job from the list and re-export the skipped job.
  • You can click Refresh to update the status column.

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