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Installing System Updates

When you first receive the Haivision Media Platform appliance, the necessary software is pre-installed on it. System updates are available for download through the Haivision Support Portal. When a system update becomes available, you can easily install it from the Web interface after downloading the file to your local computer or network.


For High-Availability (HA) systems, updates to HMP 3.9 must be performed by Haivision Support due to back-end architectural changes. Please contact your support representative to update your system.


  • For major releases or when adding new features, you must apply a valid license key before updating (see Licensing Your HMP). Please contact Haivision Technical Support to obtain a valid license key.
  • Only customers under a maintenance agreement can obtain an update package. If you install an update without a valid license key, HMP will not function.
  • You cannot install system updates from a mobile device.

To install a system update:

  1. Click the 
     icon and select Administration from the navigation drop-down menu.
  2. Click System Settings on the toolbar and then click Update on the sidebar. The Update pane opens:
    Update Bundle Page
  3. Drag an update bundle (titled Haivision_Media_Platform-x.x.x_rxxxx_RELEASE.hai) to the drop area or click Choose a file to select a bundle to load.
  4. A confirmation appears showing the filename. Click Upload to continue. The progress bar shows the progress of the upload.
  5. After the bundle is uploaded and verified, click Update and then click Confirm.

    Verified Update Bundle

  6. Wait until the update is complete and your HMP system reboots.


    During the software upgrade process, you may encounter a Request Timeout Error on the webpage. This is expected behavior. Please be patient while the process completes.

  7. After the reboot and update completes, the browser displays a dialog indicating the update is complete. Click the OK button and the HMP Sign-in screen appears. If not, refresh your browser.
  8. Sign in and ensure the system is functional.


If updating from HMP version 2.6 to 3.0+ and your system uses Network Storage, after signing in you may notice that various assets (video sessions, sources, branding images, etc.) do not appear. To migrate your assets to the new version:

  1. On the Administration screen, click System Settings on the toolbar and click Network Storage on the sidebar.
  2. Under Network Storage Migration, click the Migrate button.
  3. After a few minutes the migration process completes. Reboot the system and confirm that all data is restored and functional. Contact Haivision Support if assistance is necessary.
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