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Importing Videos

From the Import screen, you can import HMP-compatible MP4 and TS (Transport Stream) video files into HMP and thereby create new videos to view or share.


HMP supports H.264/HEVC/4K video and AAC audio. See the "Audio/Video Formats" entry at Haivision Media Platform Software for more details.

To import a video:

  1. Click the
    Options Menu
     icon on the banner and select Import/Export from the navigation drop-down menu.
  2. In the Import Screen that opens, drag a video to the drop area or click Choose a file to import a video.

  3. The filename appears in the text box. Click Upload.


    To select a different video file, drop a new file in the drag area or click the file name and browse for a new video.

    The video file is imported and a progress message appears.

  4. Remain on the page until the import completes, and a confirmation message appears. For example:
    Import Confirmation

    The video file is added to the Library's Videos list.
  5. To edit the video information such as the name or description, enter your changes and click Save. See Editing Video Information and Metadata for more details.
  6. To import an HMP XML file (from an HMP Export) to replace the video information and metadata, under Import Metadata drag a metadata file to the drop area or click Choose a file.
  7. To edit the metadata, click the Metadata tab, enter your changes, and click Save.


    The metadata can be saved at any time and does not have to wait for the upload to finish.

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