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HMP Resources

The HMP REST API can create and manipulate a variety of resources that reside on the HMP system. This section provides a brief description of their functions.


Each unique HMP object is assigned a randomly generated identifier (ID) when it is created. The REST API uses these IDs to identify specific resources.


A source is an incoming HMP-compatible MPEG-TS video stream that HMP content creators can use to generate a session. See Source Resources.


A session is a collection of one or more video sources that are identified to provide live viewing, recording, and metadata storage. See Session Resources.


A recording is a collection of one or more stored videos for playback and metadata storage.

Recording Type



An active recording is a recording that is currently being created by recording a session's sources. When it is paused, it becomes a paused recording. When it is stopped it becomes a finished recording.


A paused recording is an active recording that has been suspended. When it is resumed, it becomes an active recording. When it is stopped, it becomes a finished recording.

Finished recordings are referred to as videos. A video is a recording that has been finalized and is available for playback in its entirety. It is no longer considered active and it may not be paused or resumed. See Recording Resources.


A stream is a HMP-compatible MPEG-TS video stream that is generated by HMP as it re-streams a finished video. See Stream Resources.

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