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General Navigation

All screens on the HMP web interface include a product banner and navigation toolbar as shown in the following example. 

Product Banner

The following options are available in the product banner:

  • To access the home screen from anywhere within the web interface, simply click on the Haivision Media Platform logo in the product banner.
  • To change your password, simply click on your username in the product banner.
  • To sign out of the web interface, click the Sign Out link.
  • If your account has the Record Session permission, clicking the 
     icon shows the status of your active recordings. Clicking on a recording in the list takes you to the viewer for that recording.
  • Clicking the 
    Options Menu
    button allows you to access other pages or options within the interface, depending on the permissions assigned to your account. They include:
    • If your account has administrator privileges, select Administration to configure and manage the HMP system. See the  Haivision Media Platform Administrator's Guide for details regarding the various administration pages.
    • If your account has permission to import or export videos, select Import/Export to import and export content. See Managing Imports and Exports for more details.
    • To view a list of shortcuts relevant to the page you are currently browsing, select Keyboard Shortcuts (or press the ? key). See Keyboard Shortcuts for more details.
    • To adjust the brightness and contrast or reset the HMP stored preferences in your browser, select User Preferences.
    • To display the current HMP version, build number, and copyright information, select About.
    • To display a list of new HMP features in this current version, select What's New.
    • To open the Haivision InfoCenter website that contains the HMP documentation, select Help.


      If your device does not have access to the Internet, a bundled version of the documentation opens in your browser. However, always visit the Haivision InfoCenter for the most up-to-date documentation.

Navigation Toolbar

The navigation toolbar allows access to the various screens on the HMP system. The screens are customizable by your administrator and their availability also depends on the permissions assigned to your account and the licensed features of your HMP system. The possible screens available are:

  • Portal — Available if enabled by your administrator.
  • IPTV — Available if EPG is licensed on your system.
  • Library
  • Layouts — Available if Layouts is licensed on your system and you have the View Layouts permission.
  • Scheduler — Available if you have the Create Session permission. 
  • Devices — Available if you have the Set-Top Box Administration permission.
  • Live Review — Available if Live Review is licensed on your system.

The following sections explain the content available to you on each of these screens and how to navigate them.

The navigation toolbar also includes a search box for searching the content on the page you are currently viewing. See Searching for more details.

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