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General Errors

This command reference lists and describes the general errors for the HMP Command Line API. If an error occurs, the response has the following format: "ERROR|Code|Error message".


Error codes that begin with "07" are internal system errors. Please contact Haivision Technical Support if you encounter this error code.

The following is the list of general Command Line API error messages:





ERROR|000000|Unknown Error

Unknown error


ERROR|000001|Syntax Error

For any parameter which was enclosed within quotes, this error will be returned if quotes are not balanced. (Ex.: createSession "asdf returns this error.)


ERROR|000002|Command not found

Command entered by user does not exist.


ERROR|010001|'Y' is not a UUID

For any parameter ending with "Id" (i.e., :recordingId, :sessionId, :categoryId), the parameter provided must be a UUID. ("Y'" displays the wrong parameter text provided by the user.)


ERROR|01003|Expected X parameter(s). Got Y parameter(s)

For a command with a required number of parameters, the user must provide all the parameters. Or for a command with variable number of parameters. (Ex.: setCategory and setSessionCategory), the user must provide all required parameters.


ERROR|020000|Not Authorized

User tries to connect to the Command Line API but is not authorized.


ERROR|070000|Internal Server Error

This error occurs when the service is not available. (Ex.: HMP is restarted and command is sent while HMP is not yet ready.) This is a more general error message that could occur if something else goes wrong and requires investigation.

Please see calypso.log for details.


ERROR|070006|Bus client error

There was an internal bus communication error.


ERROR|070007|Bus response parsing error

There was an error parsing the response of a bus request.


ERROR|090001|No bus connection

There is no connection to the bus.

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