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Feed Management Basics

Using the Feeds Editor, content managers can select from the list of available videos, sessions, and sources to "publish" in the Portal, and can promote selected items to "Suggested" or "Featured". This allows you to organize content within custom feeds as well as feature and suggest important videos relevant to a viewer's role and administrative permissions.


For a walk-through of the Portal user workflow, please see Portal.

The Portal is an optional feature that your organization may use to create a custom landing (home) page. It displays thumbnails of selected videos, sessions, and sources – grouped by feed. When enabled, the Portal is the first thing users see when they sign into HMP.

  • On the Portal, each feed will display the top 16 items in a scrolling strip with the most relevant first. This relevance is determined by "Featured" first, "Suggested" next, and then the remaining "published" items.
  • On the Feed Details screen, "Featured" items are displayed at the top in a carousel. The remaining items are displayed below the carousel. By default, items are displayed in the order of relevance as described above.
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