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If your account has the Set-Top Box Administration permission, the Devices screen allows you to configure and send commands to any connected Haivision Play Set-Top Box. An example Devices screen is shown below:

Features of the screen include:

  • To switch between a devices view and a schedule view of the STB List, click the Devices or Schedule tab respectively.
  • To select all STBs, check the All checkbox in the Action bar.
  • To edit, remove, issue commands, or send messages to the selected STBs, use the Action dropdown list in the Action bar.
  • To filter the STBs by tag, use the Filter dropdown list in the Action bar.
  • To change the number of STBs listed on each page, use the pagination dropdown in the Action bar.
  • When the Devices tab is showing, the STB list shows various status information about each connected STB.
  • When the Schedule tab is showing, the STB list shows a schedule of commands that are issued to each STB.

To get started with managing your connected Haivision Play Set-Top Boxes, see Managing and Scheduling Devices.

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