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Device Settings

The following table lists the Device settings (for individual devices, Edit Device dialog):

Device SettingDescription/Values

Enter a unique name for the device.


The Device Name, Hostname, Timezone and NTP Server settings are also stored in STB Flash memory.


Enter a unique hostname for the device.


This is an additional label that can be used to further identify the physical location of the device in the HMP domain.

TimezoneTo modify, select the desired time zone and corresponding city.
NTP ServerTo modify, enter the IP address of the NTP (Network Time Protocol) Server for the device.
IGMP VersionTo modify, select the desired IGMP version:
  • Auto
  • IGMPv2
  • IGMPv3
Admin PIN

(Play 1000 STB only.) To set the Admin PIN code, type in a 4-8 digit PIN. When this is set, users must enter this PIN to access the Settings application on the STB.


The Admin PIN code set or removed (here) for a specific device takes precedence over the default Admin PIN entered on the Administration screen.

Users and GroupsType in one or more user or group names to assign access to this device.
TagsType in one or more tags to assign to this device. Tags must be previously created from the Administration screen. See Editing Device Settings.
MAC Address

(Read-only) The MAC address for the device.

Device Type(Read-only) Lists the STB model.

(Read-only) The firmware version for the device.

Extension(Read-only) The firmware extension value for the device. When requesting support for STB workflows, provide both the firmware and extension value to Haivision Support for debugging purposes.
Channel(Read-only) The default start-up channel.
Volume(Read-only) The default start-up volume.

Priority of Settings Applied on Reboot

When a device powers on/reboots, the priority for determining which settings are applied on devices is as follows (i.e., general priorities from high to low):

  • Device settings saved on the HMP Server if the STB is already registered.
  • Device settings stored on the STB device flash.
  • Set-Top-Box Default Settings on the HMP Administration screen (global default settings for all STBs). See Setting Default Set-Top Box Values for details.

In some cases, the settings on the STB device may be overwritten by the device's settings stored on the server.

Syncing via STB Manager vs. IR Remote

Syncing changes made via HMP Server settings vs. the STB device's IR remote by user actions are applied differently:

  • Timezone/NTP setting changes from HMP "Edit Device" dialog are applied to the STB device right away.
  • Timezone/NTP setting changes from the STB device via the IR remote may take up to one hour to be synchronized back to HMP Server settings.

Device name and hostname may only be changed from the HMP Edit Device dialog.

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