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Creating a New Admin User

To create a new administrative user from the web interface:

  1. Click the 
    icon on the toolbar and select Administration from the navigation drop-down menu.
  2. Click Access Controls on the toolbar and then click Users on the sidebar.
  3. From the Users list, click the
  4. On the Add User dialog, enter the display name, username/password for logging in, and Email address to associate with the user account.
    Add User dialog
  5. For the Role, select Administrator.


    Haivision Media Platform uses roles with pre-defined permissions to provide users or groups with controlled access to sessions and recordings. Users must be assigned a role to sign in. Users may also be assigned access permissions for content rights (recordings and sessions) by administrators or other users.

  6. Click Add User.
    The new user is added to the Users list. 
  7. Click Sign Out on the navigation bar and then sign in with the new admin credentials to have full administrative permissions.


    For more information on managing users/groups and roles, as well as connecting Haivision Media Platform to a directory server, see Managing Users.

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