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Connecting to a Directory Server

To connect HMP to a Directory Server:

  1. Click the 
     icon and select Administration from the navigation drop-down menu.
  2. Click System Settings on the toolbar and then click User Provisioning/SSO on the sidebar.
    The User Provisioning pane opens.
    Directory Services Pane
  3. To connect to an LDAP or Active Directory server, click the Directory Services bullet.
    The Directory Services configuration settings then become available, as shown in the following example.
    Authentication Options
  4. Under Authentication, select the type of LDAP implementation for your system, either:
    • Active Directory: An implementation of LDAP directory services by Microsoft.
    • OpenLDAP: An open-source implementation of LDAP directory services.
  5. For the server Connection, Query, and Data Mapping settings, enter or select the new values in the appropriate fields. See Directory Services Settings for details.
  6. To configure Single Sign-On (SSO), toggle the Single Sign-On button to On. The SSO configuration settings appear, as shown in the following example. Enter or select the appropriate values in the SSO fields. See Integrating HMP with Single Sign-On (SSO) Environments.
    Single Sign-On Configuration
  7. To test the connection to the defined directory server, click the Test Settings button.


    • If you get the message "Anonymous Connection Succeeded," this means that HMP has found the server, but the username and/or password is most likely wrong.
    • If you get the message "Connection Test Succeeded," this means that the server IP address, port, username, and password are correct. A list of the first 10 users and groups are displayed, as shown in the following example.
      Example Test Settings Result
  8. Click Save Settings to save the connection.
    The users and groups lists are populated with the LDAP or Active Directory users and groups.

For more information, see Managing Users and Managing Groups (LDAP/AD/JIT Only).

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