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Configuring Appliance Security

From the Appliance pane, you may configure the following additional system security settings:

  • High Security (STIG) Environment hardening settings
  • Web Server security and policy settings
  • Advisory Notice & Consent Banner
  • Lock STB Settings button
  • Block Local User Login

To configure appliance security:

  1. On the Security page, click the Appliance tab.
    Appliance Tab
  2. Under Appliance, to enable security hardening features for high-security environments, toggle the High Security (STIG) Environment button to On.
  3. Under Web Server, to configure security and policy settings, specify the HTTPS or HTTP port, SSL protocols, and SSL cipher values, as required. See the Web Server entry in Security Settings.


    Port number changes take effect immediately and affect ongoing operations using the service at that port.

  4. Under Advisory Notice & Consent Banner, to configure a banner, toggle Advisory Notice to On and enter the desired banner text.
    Advisory Notice and Consent Banner
  5. Under STB, toggle the Lock Settings button to disable the
    Settings button on the Haivision Play 2000/4000 STB remote.
  6. Under Access, toggle the Block Local User Login to disable local user account access, except for the whitelisted subnets defined in the Allowed Subnets address and mask fields. Click
    Subnet button to add additional subnets.
  7. Click Save Settings to save the connection.
  8. Click Reboot and click Confirm for the new settings to take effect.


    All settings except for those within Web Server and STB require a reboot.

A dialog appears informing you when the reboot is complete.

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