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Backup/Restore Settings

The following tables list the configurable Haivision Media Platform Backup/Restore settings.


Space UsedThe amount of disk/file spaced used for backups.
Backups to Keep7The number of backups to keep. When the maximum number is reached, HMP deletes the oldest file to make room for the newest. Range: 1-99
SchedulingOffTo schedule backups, toggle the Scheduling button to On. The Time and Repeat On fields then become available.
TimeCurrent time(Scheduling must be On) Type or use the calendar to adjust the start date and time.
Repeat OnCurrent day(Scheduling must be On) To configure recurring backups, check the checkboxes for the days of the week to repeat the backup.
PasswordTo password-protect the backup, enter a password that will be required to restore the backup.
Download Backup(Available after creating a backup) Select a backup file to download from the drop-down list of download dates.


Upload Backup FileTo upload a previously downloaded backup file, click Browse and select the .zip file.
Restore BackupSelect the backup to restore from the drop-down list of backup files.
PasswordIf the backup is password-protected, enter the password for the file.

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