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What's New or Changed for 3.10.2

The Haivision Media Platform 3.10.2 release adds the following new features:

EnhancementAffected Topics

Added IPv6 support throughout. This addition equips HMP with dual-stack functionality, allowing you to harness the benefits of both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, ensuring long-term network compatibility and facilitating the transition to the IPv6 addressing scheme.

Added support to skip forward or backward 10 seconds in the video player.
Added support to sort feeds on the Portal page.
For increased network security, ICMP redirect messages are now disabled by default. A checkbox was added to re-enable them if desired.
Updated the Get List of Devices and Get Device Information API responses.
Added display of additional status/configuration information by hovering over the STB name in the Devices list.
Added a PCR lock option for sources sent to Play 2000/4000 STBs to potentially improve latency on certain non-HLS streams.
Added support for the new Haivision Play 2000 Set-Top Box Rev C.N/A

Haivision Helper now handles the updating of TLS certificates for multicast agent, eliminating the need for annual updates to HMP when multicast agent's certificates are nearing expiration.


Upgraded to SRT version 1.5.3.



These features vary by product edition and license.

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