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Stopping the Instance

You can stop and deallocate your server instance, while keeping all configurations active. After the instance is stopped, no further running charges are applied.


Please be aware that simply shutting down your server via the Console UI does not deallocate your instance, and you will continue to be charged for the running instance. To avoid unwanted charges, you must stop the AliCloud virtual machine.

To stop your server instance:

  1. On the ECS Management Console, click Instances.
  2. Find and select your server, then click Stop.
  3. Select whether to Retain Instance and Continue Charging or No Charges After Instance Is Stopped.


    Selecting the latter option may result in a change in the MAC address the next time it is started, which causes the existing BYOL license to expire. If this happens, contact Haivision with the new MAC address to obtain a replacement license.

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