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Source Forwarder

For the Media Gateway to which the video source is connected (the forwarder), Media Platform creates a route identified by a name with the following syntax: [source_name] (HMP) [source_ID]. A route with this name indicates that the Media Gateway is receiving traffic from a source (e.g., a Makito X4 Encoder) and forwarding it to Media Platform. The [source_name] corresponds to the name of the live video source, and the [source_ID] corresponds to the ID of the live video source.

The number of destinations the route contains depends on the HMP locations and network topology settings. In the following sample screenshot, the route shows the Media Gateway (forwarder) propagates the source to four destinations: two corresponding to muxed and variant HLS streams for the local audience, one for forwarding the live video to a remote Media Gateways via SRT, and one SRT for Media Platform to access the video for recording:

Source Forwarder Example


The status of the HMP's SRT destination may intermittently change from green to yellow and back, because the Media Platform only establishes a connection as needed.

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