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Setting Up a Test Route

Media Gateway/SRT Gateway allows you to create and manage "routes", which consist of a source and a destination (along with other parameters, such as the incoming and outgoing transport protocols). You can verify that your server is operating normally by setting up a test route. To do this, you need to:

  1. Set up a source (e.g., configure a video stream output on a Makito X4 Encoder).
  2. Set up a destination (e.g., configure a Makito X4 Decoder to play back the source stream).
  3. Create a route on the Media Gateway/SRT Gateway server (receive the stream from the source and then relay it to the destination).


To get you started, the following instructions show you how to set up simple unicast stream to and from the Media Gateway/SRT Gateway. For information on how to set up other stream types and combinations, including multicast and SRT, please refer to Creating a Route.

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