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Purchase an Elastic IP Address

Instead of assigning a public IP directly with your instance, you may purchase an elastic IP address which can be moved between instances. The following instructions show how to purchase an elastic IP address and bind it to your instance:

  1. Click the 
     icon, click Products, and select Elastic IP Address under the Networking heading.
  2. Click Create EIP.
  3. In the window that opens, select the options accordingly to the following:
    • In Network Traffic, click By traffic.
    • In Max Bandwidth, the value of 200 Mbps is the peak value, not the dedicated fixed bandwidth. This means you can enjoy up to 200-Mbps internet bandwidth, but paying for the actual traffic only.
    A summary is shown on the right of the page, as well as its associated cost.
    Summary screen
  4. When satisfied with your selection, click Buy Now.
  5. Confirm the order on the next page, and Activate to buy.
  6. Return ECS web console by clicking Console, and you can see a public Elastic IP address has been allocated successfully.
  7. Click Bind next to the new Elastic IP address and associate it to the previously launched ECS instance.


    The instance must be stopped before the elastic IP address can be bound.

  8. Return to the ECS Console and the ECS instance shows the public IP address where you can access the virtual server instance from the Internet.
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