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Modifying Network Security Rules

Your virtual server can receive and redistribute SRT streams. You must first verify that the Security Group is set to your network configuration, and you must open a UDP Port for your network if you want to use SRT Listener mode.

  1. In the left pane of your Virtual Machine, under Settings click Networking.
  2. Click Add inbound port rule to add a new security rule for incoming UDP traffic for SRT listener.
  3. In the dialog that opens:
    • Under Source, click Any.
    • Enter "*" in the Source Port Range field.
    • Under Destination, click Any.
    • Specify a Destination port range corresponding to the ports you wish to use for SRT streaming.
    • Under Protocol, click UDP.
    • Under Action, click Allow.
    • Enter a Priority for handling rule execution on incoming network packets. The default value is usually acceptable.
    • Enter a Name for the inbound security rule (e.g. SRT1).
    Add Inbond Security Rule
  4. Click Add to activate this rule.

It takes a few moments to deploy the rule for your instance. Once done, you can configure your server to send and receive SRT streams (on the UDP ports in the Destination range specified in Step #3) using Listener mode.


For more information on SRT, please refer to the User's Guide and the SRT Deployment Guide.

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