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Source Receivers

For each Media Gateway to which the live video is being sent (the receiver), Media Platform creates a route identified by a name with the following syntax: [source_name] (HMP) [source_ID]. A route with this name indicates that the Media Gateway is receiving traffic from another Media Gateway (the forwarder) for local output. The source_name corresponds to the name of the live video source, and the source_ID corresponds to the ID of the live video source.


An HMP session must have its Live button enabled for the route to be created at the receiver locations.

The number of destinations the route contains is dependent on the HMP location settings. In the following sample screenshot, the route shows the Media Gateway (receiver) propagates the source to three destinations, corresponding to SRT, a muxed HLS, and variant HLS streams for the local audience:


If someone copies the HLS Destination URL and tries to view the video in a browser, they get an authentication error. Viewers must be authorized through Media Platform.

After the live session is initiated, the video automatically streams to and is viewable by the audience at all locations (as shown in the following diagram):

For more information, including complete instructions on how to configure a multi-site live session, please refer to the HMP Administrator's Guide.

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