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Installing an Update Package


  • Your system restarts after it installs the update.
  • You must disable the High Security (STIG) Environment option in the Security tab before installing the update. See Security for details.

To install the update package, after downloading it from the Haivision Support Portal as described in Downloading System Updates:

  1. In the side menu under Administration, click System Settings.
  2. Click Update in the navigation toolbar. The Update screen appears showing the currently installed version and build.
  3. Click Chose a file and select the desired update bundle (.hai extension) and click Open.
    Drag and drop the update bundle file from your desktop to the highlighted area on the Update screen.
  4. Verify that the bundle listed is the one you want to install, and click Upload.
  5. When the bundle has been uploaded, click Update.
  6. When prompted, click OK to confirm. Your system restarts after it has installed the update.
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