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HMG/HSG Concepts

This section introduces concepts that you should understand to use the REST API effectively.


The REST API can create and manipulate the routes used on the HMG/HSG system. This section provides a brief description of their functions.


Each unique HMG/HSG API object is assigned a randomly generated identifier (ID) when it is created. The REST API uses these IDs to identify specific resources.


A route is an source-to-multiple-destination resource for distributing a video stream.


source is the incoming video stream of a route.


destination is the outgoing video stream of a route. Each route may contain multiple destinations.


To simplify setup and security, there are three built-in user accounts available: haiadmin, operator, and user.


Default passwords for each account are provided in the Important Notice document that is shipped with your hardware, or available on the Support Portal.

To view the available user accounts: 

  1. In the side menu under Administration, click Access Control.
  2. Click Accounts in the navigation toolbar.

The available accounts are listed grouped by their roles. The account names and roles assigned to the accounts cannot be changed.

RoleAccount NameDescription
AdministratorhaiadminAll access rights and administrator privileges.
OperatoroperatorAll rights to create and configure routes. Does not include rights to the administration screens.
ObserveruserRead-only access to the system. Does not include the rights to the administration screens.

See REST API Concepts for details on using the available accounts to access the REST API.

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