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Haivision's Media Gateway and SRT Gateway are networking infrastructure products for configuring, monitoring, and managing streaming routes between encoding and decoding devices. They are designed to allow network administrators to quickly and easily configure source-to-destination and source-to-multiple-destination streaming routes, which can then be monitored and tuned for optimal performance.

This section summarizes product features of Haivision Media Gateway (HMG) and Haivision SRT Gateway (HSG).

Transport High Quality Video Over Any Network

Haivision Media Gateway and Haivision SRT Gateway support Haivision's open-source SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol - a technology that optimizes live video distribution across unpredictable networks, like the Internet, by assuring quality-of-service when faced with packet loss, congestion, jitter, latency, and fluctuating bandwidth. Leveraging SRT, the Haivision Media Gateway/SRT Gateway is ideal for transporting high-quality, low latency, and secure live video across public and private networks, and offers significant operational flexibility and cost savings compared to satellite or custom network infrastructures.

Network Bridging

Haivision Media Gateway and SRT Gateway help take video streams from one network environment to another. Whether bridging between LANs, MPLS, satellite IP, public internet, or any combination of these networks, the Haivision Media Gateway/SRT Gateway is the perfect element thanks to its advanced network interface configuration, native SRT protocol support, and friendly firewall traversal. In addition, it is codec agnostic and provides support for any standard MPEG stream – future proofing every solution.

Video Ecosystem Compatibility

Haivision Media Gateway and SRT Gateway convert streams between SRT, Transport Stream over UDP (unicast and multicast), and can also input RTSP and RTMP and output HLS. As a component of an end-to-end video workflow, HMG/HSG supports stream interoperability directly with Haivision’s Makito X family of encoders and decoders, Haivision’s transcoders, the high performance InStream Mobile player for iPhone and Android, and any standard third-party UDP streams, giving the flexibility to extend virtually any video workflow over any network.


The re-distribution of HLS streams originating from non-Haivision sources is not supported at this time.

Firewall Friendliness

IP firewalls block external access to a network and prevent video streams from being delivered from one location to another. A Haivision Media Gateway/SRT Gateway can be configured anywhere so that behind-the-firewall devices can reach streams without breaching network security policies and minimizing the need for IT intervention.


End-to-end stream encryption (AES 128/256) is available to prevent unauthorized viewing, recording, and redistribution of private content.

Multi-site Live Streaming Support

Seamlessly integrated with Haivision’s enterprise video platform, the Haivision Media Gateway creates a secure enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) extending internal broadcasts, all hands meetings, and on-demand video libraries to remote locations and scales video delivery to thousands of employees.

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