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Exporting and Importing Presets

The Preset screen allows you to export the current configuration as a preset file with .hmg extension. It also allows you to import an exported preset file.

Exporting a Preset

To export a preset:

  1. In the side menu under Administration, click Configuration.
  2. Click Presets in the navigation toolbar.
  3. To export a preset of the current routes configurations, click Export Preset.

The browser downloads a .hmg file.

Importing a Preset

To import a preset:


Importing a preset overwrites existing routes on the system.

  1. In the side menu under Administration, click Configuration.
  2. Click Presets in the navigation toolbar.
  3. Click Browse to select an .hmg preset file containing the route's configuration that you want to apply to the current system.
    After a file is selected, a warning message appears in the view pane.
  4. Click the Import button to start importing.
  5. After the upload is complete, the file is validated for the following:
    • Correct file extension (.hmg).
    • Correct JSON format.
    • Contains at least one route configuration.
    • A route must have a source.
    • Route name, source name and destination name are required and route name must be unique.
    If an error occurs, an error message is displayed. If validation passes, then it starts applying the preset.
  6. While the system is applying the preset, a message "Applying preset..." is displayed.
  7. When complete, a message appears showing the number of routes created.
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