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Creating the VPC and Network Subnets

  1. Sign in to your Alibaba Cloud account:
  2. Click the 
     icon and click Virtual Private Cloud.
  3. In the VPC Manage Console, click VPC.
  4. Click Create VPC.
  5. In the popup window:

    1. Complete the VPC details.


      There are only 3 options for the CIDR blocks, which is the base network address range for all the subsequent subnets created within this VPC.

    2. Complete the VSwitch details.
      • The CIDR block for this subnet must be a subset of the CIDR block of the VPC defined above.
      • All ECS instances created within this subnet have their private addresses assigned out of this subnet address range
    3. Click the OK button.


In AliCloud all subnets are considered private subnets unless there is an Elastic IP assigned to an ECS running inside that particular subnet.

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