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Configure Number of Undecrypted SRT Packets before Reconnection

By default, when an SRT packet is not able to be decrypted, the connection is reset. With version 3.7.6+, you can configure the number of undecrypted packets before reconnection.

  1. SSH into your HMG/HSG.
  2. Elevate to root access.
  3. Browse to the /opt/haivision/etc directory.
  4. Create a param.xml file with the following content, where the decryption_error_threshold value is the number of undecrypted packets before reconnection:

        <param comp="TS_Receiver" param="decryption_error_threshold" value="3"/>


    Setting decryption_error_threshold to less than or equal to zero disables the reconnection feature.

  5. Reboot your HMG/HSG.

See the Undecrypted Packets field in your SRT stream statistics to monitor the number of packets that are not able to be decrypted (see Stream Statistics Field Descriptions).

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