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Labeling Devices

EMS has the ability to create, customize, and assign labels to paired devices to make organization easier.

The Label Management pane shows label names, number of devices under that label and device states (Active, Idle or Offline).

To create or edit labels:

  1. Click Manage on the Labels pane.

    From here you can:
    • Create new labels.
    • Rename existing labels.
    • Reorder labels.
    • Delete labels.


      Deleting a label only removes it from the list and from any devices to which it has been applied. It does not unpair any devices with that label.

  2. Click Save.
    New labels appear at the top of the list.

To add or remove a label on a device:

  • To add a label:
    1. On the device you wish to label, click Add Label.
      Add Label drop-down
    2. Select a label from the drop-down menu.


      Devices can also be selected from the device list and dragged and dropped onto the desired label in the Label Management pane. Hold Ctrl to select multiple devices.

  • To remove a label:
    1. Click the 
       icon on the label you wish to remove.
      Device with Label
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