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Connecting the Server

To connect the server:

  1. Open the box, verify the contents, and visually inspect the items for any shipping damage. If necessary, contact Haivision for return instructions.

  2. Unpack the box and position the hardware on a stable work surface. Optionally, mount the device in a server rack.


    When mounting in a server rack, refer to your rack vendor's documentation as well as the included rack mount instructions in the rail kit provided with your system. Improper rack mounting could cause serious harm to equipment and/or people near the rack. Please be sure to properly and securely mount your hardware.  

    Ensure that the final location has proper airflow. Do not block or impede airflow to the vents.

  3. On the device:

    • Connect to your network using an Ethernet cable. For most configurations, use the port labeled Gb1 or NIC0.
    • For initial setup purposes, attach a mouse, keyboard, and monitor to the available USB and VGA ports.

    • If necessary, connect any cables to the available I/O ports as shown in the following diagram(s).
    • Attach the power cord to the power receptacle.
  4. On the front of the device, press the 
    button to power it on. The power LED lights.

System Interfaces



LED Status Indicators

The LED colors and flashing (blinking) speed indicate the status (operational state) of the server.


Power-on indicator lights when the system power is on. The Power button controls the power supply output to the system.
System Status/ID Indicator

Indicates system health and status.

  • Solid blue indicates normal health and operation.
  • Blinking blue indicates system ID mode is active.
  • Solid amber indicates the system is in fail-safe mode.
  • Blinking amber indicates the system is experiencing a fault.
System Identification Button

Can be used to locate a particular system within a rack. When it is pressed, the system status indicator on the front flashes until one of the buttons is pressed again.

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