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Persistent Screen Elements

The following elements are constant and available from any screen.

Expand/Collapse Menu Button

Clicking the 

Side Menu
 icon expands and collapses the side menu.

Current User

Identifies the user who is currently signed into the system.

Sign Out

Clicking Sign Out exits the system and returns you to the Sign In screen.

Side Menu

The side menu provides access to:

  • Devices – Displays all devices currently paired with EMS, including their properties and status. Allows you to pair and unpair devices, reboot, apply upgrade packages and licenses or retrieve serial numbers.
  • Files – Allows you to upload upgrade packages and licenses to be deployed on paired devices.
  • System Settings – Provides access to system configuration tasks (e.g., licensing, network configuration, and updating).
  • Reporting – View system activity and export system logs and device data.
  • Preferences/About – Configure user preferences including user interface brightness, contrast control, and browser cache reset. Also displays the version number, build, and copyright statement.


    When requesting assistance, provide the build number to the support representative.

  • Help Center – Opens the Haivision InfoCenter website to view the Haivision EMS user documentation.


    If no external internet connection is available, a local documentation file is opened in your web browser. Always refer to the Haivision InfoCenter for the latest documentation.

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