Using the Report Manager

Last updated on Jul 19, 2021

Reports allow you to track progress and internally convey the functioning of your defined metrics and internal KPIs, gathering insights for different segments of your customer base according to your criteria.


Accessing Reports

To access the Reports page:

  • Click Reports under the Tools section of the sidebar.

Creating an Analytics Report

To create a report:

  1. From the Reports page, click Create New Report in the top right corner.

    Choose Report Type selection

  2. Select a report type and click Next.
    - Blank
    - Audience
    - Titles
    - CDN
    - Devices
    - Errors
    - Countries
    - Plays – QoE
    - Plays – Tracking
    - Error and Switching Events

    New Report Build

  3. Click Add Column.
  4. Select the metrics or dimensions you wish to add to the report from the list. Metrics that appear grayed out in the menu are not available for that report.
  5. Click Add.
  6. To configure how data is aggregated in the generated report, you can specify grouping conditions. To begin, click Add Group.
  7. Select the Dimensions you want to group your data under. The group wizard is launched.

    Group Wizard

  8. Define the grouping type from the drop-down menu (top or bottom).
  9. Define the metric on which that top/bottom selection is based.
  10. Click Add.
  11. When you are finished defining parameters for the generated report, click Next. The Export screen appears.

    Report Export Settings

  12. Review the settings for the final report. You can modify the export fields and set the frequency of the report.
    • Name: Name of the report that will appear in the Report Manager.
    • Export format: Defines the format the report will be exported as.
    • Create as: Defines whether the report will be public (available to all users) or private (available only to admin roles).
    • One time: Set the date and time you wish to start the report and the timezone.
    • Recurrent: Specify the recurrence, the timespan in which the data is collected and the timezone. 
  13. Click Create. The created report appears with its progress displayed in the Report Manager.

    Report with Progress Shown