Using Zoom

Last updated on Dec 23, 2021

The Zoom section provides LIVE and VOD data insights in two graphs to compare data. Use Zoom to gain a better understanding of user behavior by comparing your Audience, Content, and Quality metrics information.


Accessing Zoom

  • To access the Zoom page, click Zoom under the Tools section of the sidebar.

Viewing Zoom Insights

To view the Zoom section: 

  1. Under the Tools section of the sidebar, click Zoom.

    Zoom Screen

 Metric selection: Select an audience, content or quality metric to view.

 Lock sliders: Allows the sliders for both graphs to move concurrently.

 Line/bar view: View the data as a line or bar graph.

 Date Picker: Calendar date picker.

 Date range: Set the time and date range for which you wish to view data.

 Compare dates: Compare the selected timeframe against the previous six hours, previous day, previous week or previous four weeks.

 Time interval: The interval by which time increases on the graph (1 minute, 5 minutes and hours)

 Filter: Filter data by specified dimensions or metrics.

 Number of Instances: Number of instances to display for comparison.

 Save: Saves the settings.

 More Options Menu: Includes Reset option.

 Full Screen: Switches to full screen view.