Tracking Sessions

Last updated on Dec 23, 2021

The Tracking Sessions view  provides a comprehensive overview of the individual sessions associated with your platform/content. KPIs are displayed covering such metrics as session duration, consumption ratio, views, etc. There is also a complete list of sessions by IP with associated data, including information on the devices used and service providers.


Accessing the Tracking Session View

To access this view, click Tracking Session in the Tools section of the sidebar.

 Session Status: Allows you to display tracking data for sessions in specific states (Ongoing or Completed).

 Filter Settings: See Global Filters.

 KPIs: Displays session-related KPIs for the timeframe specified in filter settings.

 Session Tracking Details: Organizes entries in sortable columns that correspond to the current filter and status settings.

 Search Field: Allows you to search the current session tracking entries by IP address.

Session Tracking Details

The table under Session Tracking Details contains entries for all sessions that correspond to the current status and filter settings. Click any column header to sort the table by that parameter. 

Searching Sessions

To search for sessions by User or IP address:

  1. Choose IP from the dropdown menu in the search bar.

  2. Enter a complete IP address. NOTE: Partial strings and wildcards will yield no results.

  3. Press Enter.

The results of your search are displayed in the Session Tracking Details table. Note that the search results are based upon current filter settings and date range. A tag will appear at the top left of the window identifying the active search criterion:

You can concatenate searches (such as, find additional IP addresses).

Clearing a Session Search

  • To clear the search, delete the tag(s).

Tracking Sessions

To find an overview of your session KPIs:

  1. In the sidebar under Tools, click Tracking Sessions.
  2. To filter on Ongoing or Completed sessions (instead of All), click the Session Status dropdown menu in the title bar.
  3. Next, click the Filter Settings (calendar or presets) to select a data range.
  4. Additionally, you can filter by any dimension from the Analytics suite including your Custom Metrics & Dimensions and you can choose a pre-existing filter which you have created through your Dashboard filter bar.

The KPIs displayed are: the total number of SessionsAverage Session TimeAverage Session DurationVideo Consumption Ratio, and Views Per Session.

Tracking Sessions by IP Address

To view details for sessions viewed by a specific IP address:

  • Click the IP link in the Sessions Tracking Details table. The Advanced details page appears.

Tracking Sessions Details by Play

To view session details corresponding to a specific video play:

  • Click the blue magnifying glass  corresponding to the session you wish to examine. The Detailed Play page appears.

Exploring the Timeline

The Timeline provides a linear overview of events as they occurred over the course of a session. You can view the type and time of an event by hovering over its icon. Some typical events are shown in the figure below.

The event icons are identified below:

Start Time

External App Start

Play / Resume






No Errors

External App Exit


The Pages section provides an overview of a user's browsing activities as they occurred over the course of a session. 


The table in the Tracking section contains a list of additional sessions corresponding to the currently selected UserID and IP address, along with a happiness rating for that session.