Last updated on Jan 31, 2022

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Haivision Connect's reporting feature is based on the Youbora suite from NPAW. This analytics package will help you make smart decisions and build personalized, engaging experiences. Having real-time and historical data about your Connect ecosystem will help you to optimize the discovery of content by your users, and to overcome operational and technical issues should any arise.

You can monitor sessions across the entire platform, and benefit from a contextualized intelligent alert system. The reporting feature provides you with the ability to predict behaviours, to automate campaigns, to track progress and to generate reports.

 Overview Section: Provides a high level summary of what is going on in your Connect ecosystem in terms of both streaming analytics and sessions data.

 Tools: Various tools for viewing, filtering and reporting on your Connect platform performance:

  • Zoom: Focus on multiple datasets and analyze specific situations 
  • Tracking: View detailed information on the performance of video events and sessions
  • Reports: Choose from a set of existing reports or create your own
  • Formulas: Combine parameters such as time intervals, geographical locations, and error messages to create custom formulas

 My Dashboards: Create your own custom views of various aspects of your Connect ecosystem

 Search: Search for specific information within the system

 Other: Various options for managing your reporting system