Adding a Connect ID Photo

Last updated on Feb 03, 2022

You can add an image or avatar or just use the default initials as your Connect ID photo to identify yourself to the organization.

  1. Click the  User ID icon at the bottom of the sidebar to switch to the Connect ID screen.
  2. Click the  icon  at the top right of the main pane.
  3. Click the Edit Photo text  on the User ID icon.
    Uploading a Connect ID Photo
  4. In the Upload dialog, navigate to the desired image and select it to upload from your computer.


    For best results, choose a 32x32 or high resolution PNG or JPG image.

  5. Adjust the image as needed. You can drag the image within the circle to center the focal area. Use the controls at the bottom of the Edit Photo window to make further adjustments. 

    Edit ID Photo

     – Click to revert to the original image.
     – Use the slider to enlarge/reduce the focus area of the image.
     – Click to rotate the image.

  6. When finished, click Done in the upper right corner.


    If you switch to another screen without clicking Done, your changes are not saved.

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