Removing or Duplicating Player Templates

Last updated on Feb 03, 2022

To remove or duplicate player templates:

  1. On the sidebar under the Connections tab, select the Player Templates subpage.
  2. On the Player Templates page, click the desired template to remove or duplicate. Selected items are outlined in orange. NOTE: To remove multiple selections, click the Selection button  first and then make your selections. 


    Templates can only be removed if they are not in use by a connection.


  3. Click the  Duplicate  or Remove button .
  4. If you clicked Remove:
    • Confirm the deletion of the selected templates. The selected templates are deleted.
    If you clicked  Duplicate:
    1. A copy of the selected template is added to the list with a "2" appended to the template name.
    2. If desired, edit the new template to change the name or other options.